About us

Meet Clarion!

Clarion Overmoyer of Clarion Call Fiber Arts Spinning yarn on her balcony in the Bronx wearing a bring colored dress

 I am a Bronx-Based Fiber Artist who is incredibly passionate about Crafting and  Environmental Conservation. 

Growing up in the Upstate NY countryside, I developed a deep love and respect for nature and the environment at an early age. I draw almost all my color inspiration from flora, fauna, and natural landscapes.  

My mother started me on my fiber journey at age 7 when she taught me to knit and crochet, and since that moment I was (pun intended) HOOKED!  


I work with my two adorable helpers, Fredwynn and Sgt. Pepper:

Clarion's Cat Helpers: Fredwynn, a black tuxedo kitty, and Sgt. Pepper, a White and Grey Spotted Tabby


Hand Spun Yarn: A Labour of Love Skeins of beautifully colored Hand Spun Yarn in a gradient ranging from bright peaches to deep purples

I take great pride in the amount of love and care that goes into my yarn. 

Each one of my Hand Spun Yarns tell a story:

  • I spin all the yarns myself:  many from wool I've processed and dyed myself, or from rolags or batts I've blended myself to create truly unique colors and textures in my yarnsI specialize in combining soft wool fibers with durable, silky, eco-friendly plant fibers to create one of a kind blends that will keep your project looking beautiful for years to come.
    You can watch me make hand-blended Batts and Rolags by visiting my YouTube channel.
      • I love to explore alternative sources for my wools:  I've begun rescuing sheep and llama fleeces from local farms that would otherwise have been sent to a landfill.  These animals still need to be sheered every year to keep them healthy, but because they're raised for other reasons then their fleeces, the wool will often go to waste. While these animals weren't bred for their wool, their fleeces are still gorgeous; and I am dedicated to making sure they get a second life as beautiful yarn!
      • Support Local When not using my own hand dyed or hand blended fibers, I love to support small, local fiber vendors and dyers such as Inglenook Fibers, Banshee Fiber Art, and WoolFiend.
      •  Put a face to your yarn: The Angora Fiber I use comes from an adorable English Angora Bunny named Luna who is lovingly cared for as a pet by my sister in Upstate NY.
        Here she is taking some sun:

        Luna the English Angora Bunny in a pink bow, taking an afternoon walk in the grass



        Recycled Yarn: Craft with a ConscienceBrightly colored Skeins of Yarn Recycled from Unwanted Textiles ranging from Navy Blue to Ivory

        Eco Friendly yarns that have been recycled from unwanted sweaters!

        • The Recycling Process: I recycle sweaters that are either donated to me, or are liberated from Thrift shops.  Each sweater I recycle is first Machine Washed and Dried before I lovingly take it apart, careful to save as much of the yarn as possible.  What sets my Recycled Yarn apart from others is the re-spinning process: I re-spin the yarn on my Louet S15 spinning wheel to refresh the twist, and make the yarn feel like new!
        Want to learn more about the recycling process? Check out my Guide to Reclaiming Sweaters on YouTube.
        • The Benefits of Recycled Yarn: Besides the benefit of doing something good for the environment, these yarns are also highly durable, machine washable, and tend to be softer than brand new yarns.  They're perfect for baby clothes and blankets, or household items like dish clothes and towels.
        • Yarn at Work: As part of my mission, I also donate a portion of my Recycled Yarn sales to like minded non- profits, such as FAB scrap who is also dedicated to addressing textile wasteIt's so fulfilling to be able to do what I love and give back at the same time