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Cliffs of Moher - Ombre Hand Spun Yarn

Cliffs of Moher - Ombre Hand Spun Yarn

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- Dk weight yarn, 2 ply, 11 WPI -> What's WPI? Click HERE

*Swatch pictured is knitted on Size 5 needles*

- 70% Hand Dyed (by me!) Llama Wool, 15% Ethically Sourced Angora, 15% Tencel

- 6 skeins available - 2 at 102 yards, 1 at 103 yards, 1 at 111 yards, 1 at 113 yards, and 1 at 123 yards. Choose your length at checkout.


- This is a One of a Kind, Ombre Self Striping Hand-spun yarn created by me with great love and attention to detail on my Louet S15 spinning wheel.

- This is a Gradient Skein: When worked up, each skein will start with Dark Forest Green, then move through Lime Green, Cornflower Blue, Mauve, and then finish with Grey. The stripes of color are long and heathered, and move slowly and smoothly between colors. There are lovely Angora and Tencel accents; which makes a delightful complexity of color depth in your finished project.
- This yarn is perfect for adding excitement to your own unique crocheting, weaving or knitting creations! 

What Can I Make With This Yarn?

Each skein of my Hand Spun Yarn is enough to make a Beret or Fingerless mitts*. Two skeins are enough for a Hat, Gloves, or Cowl*. Three or more are enough for a Shawl, Scarf, or mixed with your favorite solid color yarn, a Sweater*!

Hand Spun is great for making Shawls, Gloves, Hats, Scarves, and Socks. My Hand spun works particularly well as the yoke of a color-work sweater, or in the Nightshift Shawl Pattern.

*This estimate is dependent upon the pattern you choose.

Fiber Content Properties

  • The Llama wool is durable and moisture-wicking
  • The Angora is cloud soft, and incredibly warm
  • The Tencel Fiber (a silky eco-friendly plant fiber) adds shine and a gorgeous drape.

This yarn will be a joy to work with, (and to wear!)

- My Angora fiber is sourced from Luna, the adorable English Angora Bunny lovingly cared for by my sister in upstate NY.

- The Llama Fiber came from a happy Llama just north of NYC whose fleece would have gone to the landfill, had I not saved it! I had the fleece processed by a family run mill, and I hand dyed it myself for your crafting pleasure!

How Was This Yarn Made?

To create this Yarn:

  • I Hand Dyed some Llama wool using a gradient technique.
  • I then created batts by blending the Llama on my Drum Carder with some Angora and Tencel Fiber.
  • I spun up these batts separately, careful to maintain the gradient, and then I plyed them together.

The finished yarn was inspired by the rich color play of the famous Irish cliffs!

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